If you are trying to decide on gift ideas for dear old Dad you might want to consider options that tell Dad to get lost. Traveling lost, that is. You can treat Dad to an array of travel items that not only help him to travel with ease but that show off his personal style at the same time. One item to consider is a luxurious leather duffel bag. Most men love leather so a nice soft leather duffel bag will send him over the moon. He can use it when he goes out of town or even just for toting his belongings to the gym for a workout. Unlike most designer handbags, there is plenty of room inside regardless of his travel destination so he is sure to get plenty of use out of it.

Travel luggage scales are another useful option for fellows that are in and out of airports all of the time. A travel luggage scale allows your fellow to weigh his suitcases before he ever sets foot out of the door. Rather than having to rearrange his belongings while standing at the luggage counter he can know going in that his suitcase is easily under the allowable weight limit. The easiest type of scale to read is the digital type. Dad just simply hangs his suitcase from the scale and he instantly receives the digital readout. Traveling is so much simpler when you can take some of the worry and stress out of the experience. By pampering your favorite fellow with travel items you ensure that he will think of you even when he is on the road. You may be out of sight but you will not be out of mind. Each time he travels he will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

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