An accessory that combines fashion and femininity as well as strength and class would be the backpack purse. Available from the low end multi-colored nylon or polyester bags all the way up to the expensive top-of-the-line fine leather bags a backpack purse is available to make a statement if you so choose or be a casual looking acquaintance if you want to be low-key.

Top end purses are available from fashion designers such as Louis Vitton, Prada, and Coach to name a few. Prada has an extensive line of backpack purses, most of them fairly pricey, like all Prada merchandise, but they are also very well made, including the signature Prada features. A little looking online or at your favorite store will discover many choices among these purses and a style for everyone. An expensive designer backpack purse makes the statement that even in what most people consider to be a casual accessory only the best will suit you and you don’t mind showing it off. And unlike most designer handbags, a designer backpack purse has a myriad if uses for indoors and outdoors.

While nylon or other fabric bags are on the opposite end from designer backpack purses they don’t have to send the signal of cheap, cheap, and cheap. Nylon bags can be prefect accessory for a rainy day or day-tripping where the chance of the bag getting knocked around and suffering some rough usage is greater. A colorful backpack purse in a bright summer color sends the message of “ready for fun” and even though the price is less than the top end designer bag, the coolness of a purse and not a bookbag on your back for the day sets you apart from everyone else.

So I guess in the end you may need more than backpack purse depending on what message you are trying to give off. Sophisticated and designer purses for the business day and a lighter, fabric purse for outings and other casual events.

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