A good briefcase makes a powerful statement. It inspires confidence, it says “I’ve got it together, I am making things happen”. Choosing the right briefcase is therefore very important not only in function but also for a professional image. Women in the corporate world have plenty of issues to deal with already, so why detract from your image with a sloppy bag or one that gets in the way? Luckily, women have a great deal more options than men when purchasing a ladies briefcase.

Briefcases of yesterday were all about folders and papers. In today’s technological driven world it is all about the laptop. A leather laptop briefcase is the perfect answer to easily transport your most important business device. The perfect briefcase should have a sturdy lock and handle. Lots of models have long straps which free up your hands for carrying other items. Consider how easily you can carry the bag while wearing heels if that is what you normally wear. Laptops get heavy, so look for a bag that is sturdy but also relatively light. A rolling laptop bag will make it easier to transport a heavy laptop, but may weigh you down or make you seem high maintenance if it is over packed. Instead, look for a bag that makes you look pulled together and well prepared. Bags with smooth lines with plenty of pockets for organization are your best bet. Do consider style and your bags ability to match your standard work attire. A pink ladies briefcase might seem cute in the store but may clash with your normal professional outfits or feel unprofessional once you get to the office. First impressions are important, so find a bag that says you have it all! Like a designer handbag, look for a briefcase that suits both your needs and your taste while still looking professional.

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