Teenage Bridesmaid Dresses

Teenagers playing bridesmaid is a huge responsibility. For the one big day in your loved ones life, it is essential that you mark the occasion by dressing well. Understand a few rules on the chore and other etiquettes. Plan enthusiastically for dresses, shoes and inner wear too. Confidence is essential as all eyes will surely travel on you too, and most surely on the brides.

As you decide on your outfit, hairstyle and make up tricks make it a point to ask the bride about her plans. It is surely a big day for the bride and be no show stealer in priding your dress over that of the wedding gown. Theme dressings are fun where the best man, bridesmaid and close family members choose to wear fabrics and patterns of similar nature. Such co-ordinations can be done from a one stop shop and make memorable photographs.

Beach weddings are casual affairs. Go for short wrinkle free cotton frock. Team if with the other bridesmaid and wear flat sandals in white. If white is clich├ęd, go for peach, pinks and pastel hues in light shades. Try something striking like a broach on the bodice or a butterfly hair clip. Mellow down on the jewelry.

Most bridesmaids look for clothes that have future utility or can be re-worn. If the styles are kept simple then a re-work on the dress is possible. Detachable bodice work, straps and tie back bows allow the dress to be repeated for other functions in a new style.

Try plain satin A line frocks below the knee in orange. Magenta and fuchsia pink gowns in off shoulders or halters are stylish. Other colourful ideas come in a plain white dress with a huge aqua blue sash or a bow in green or rust orange. Go for a simple fabric, with side tie up thin bow in silver satin. Dressing elegantly is the trick.

Try whites with gold freckles, silver hints and grey. Use white, silver and grey as bands in the bodice, waist and skirt respectively. Create fashion with crimped hair, coloured lenses and unusual hair colours. Judge the occasion as formal, semi formal or casual and they dress accordingly. Bold colours are yellow, light blue and velvety maroon to set trends. Beaded embellishments, detachable skirt layers can also be adopted for a different appeal.

Work well on a skin regime, use a good hair spray and enjoy the event.

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