Teenage Black Dresses

The little black dress is a favourite clothing for women in all ages. Black magic is strong and unpredictable styles create a new persona. The secret in a black dress is to keep it simple and uncluttered. Contrast happenings in black include fuchsia, tiger prints and colours like ivory, turquoise and peaches as inner shirts.

Black formals include a skirt and shirt. One can keep the length of the skirt in black as short, two inches above the knee or full length to ankles. The cut and fit has to be as per the trends indicated. Ready picks to be well tried with shoes on and alterations if any be left with an expert.

Black pants are regular inclusions in the wardrobe. Team it up with a well tailored big buttoned trench coat for winters or a cool over coat with linings. Shirts can be contrasted in soothing shades of white like ivory, vanilla and creams. Go for a simple A-line frock in chiffon with a suede big belt on a high waist Empire line. Frills are girlie items and use a little frill on the cuff and neckline. Use frills sparingly as it takes away the appeal of the design if over done.

Black gowns are ethereal. Earthy and regal charm is retained in a full length black dress with form fit. Go for a huge bow behind, keep the neckline in lace and haltered or go for regular off shoulders. One shoulder cowls are dictated nowadays and fusion fabrics can be experimented. Fish tail gowns give more elegance.

Black has its own appeal and the jewelry need to be simple. Go for a solitaire or platinum designs in earrings. Neck and wrists can be bare. Keep the hair and make up styles simple as the black dress has already done the needful.

Bodice work on the black feminine gowns can go with pleats and lace trimmings. The youth and brilliance of teenage can be well brought out with short straight cut patterns in one piece Chinese collars. Frocks can be polka dotted in black-white and other bubble gum hues. Black suits all skin tones, all formal and casual affairs. On a simple black dress one can revolutionize the look with a good hand bag and trendy shoes.

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