Coach handbags come in leather and a variety of other materials and are expensive so they need to be taken care of the right way to ensure a long life. They are not your “ordinary” handbags that you can buy from your local department store that can be easily replaced for under $20 if they get too stained, ripped, or out of shape. With authentic Coach handbags especially, you have invested a lot of money so make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and where you set it down. Being so expensive, and an item many want but cannot afford, you should not just leave it sitting on a table or chair unattended. Be careful that you do not set it on any wet spot because water and leather do not mix.

Check for dirty spots before putting it on the floor and if possible, do not sit it on the table. It could get food stains on it. If it does get dirty, cleaning Coach handbags is easy. All you need is a baby wipe to gently wipe any dirt off. Coach does sell special cleaners if it gets a stain you cannot just wipe off. It should be wiped off at least once a week. Be careful of what you carry inside your Coach handbag. Most people worry about the outside but very few think about the inside. Ink pens, makeup, pencils, etc can mark the inside of your bag, and if you carry anything like a nail file, make sure it does not poke a hole in the bag. Although you can wipe it off with baby wipes, you should consider having it cleaned professionally every few months to ensure that all the dirt and stains are removed. Make sure that your bag, even cheap Coach handbags, are empty when you put them away, preferably inside a dust bag. Designer handbags can take on the shape of whatever you care carrying in your bag if you hang it up full, or lay it down flat with items in it if something is set on top of the bag.

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