The snooping case of fake Primodels complaints and scams

It is an old-age saying that a bed of roses is always engulfed with thorns and bushes; and that’s what every success story has to entail in their path of glory and achievement. Modeling and fashion world, which offers a lucrative and fame-knit platform is not aloof from such fraudulent activities. The fashion industry can provide you with an overnight success story, blended with some highly intense competition, and thus there is a little scope for margin and error, which can fall apart a thriving career, whether you are a business entity or a model, or agent.  Stepping upon other’s fallen throne is a common game, for which there is a lookout from scamsters and jilted professionals to impair the image of success-getters and bake their own success chance over them.


Primodels is a thriving and two decade old success story in the modeling field. The highly regarded model scout agency has helped many budding male and female models to create a wonderful and enviable name for them in the fashion industry. The firm’s affirmative approach and long list of professional networks, agents and groomers has provided a sound platform for fashion aspirants. But there is always a long list of coquette competitors and professionals in the realm of this industry who try to defame the good legacy established by Primodels. Such Primodels complaints, fake allegations and scams are nothing but an old-patterned and hated approach from imposters, who try to deceive people through un-ethical and illegal measures. We do not pay heed to such concerns of these fraudsters, as we have faith in our long established 24 year business, pioneered by renowned fashion icon Mr. Paul Roberts. The long list of success stories, and high regards we entertain all through Australia, Europe and US is a testimony to our professional and creative approach for model aspirants.

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