Polka Dot Teenage Dresses

Vibrancy of the youth is enhanced further in polka dots. Teenage is about cheer and passion for life which is exaggerated in clothing. This also is a time to enjoy and party. Clothes are found in affordable sections. Accessorize are many with reference to eye wear, hair clips, bling and trendy footwear. Bags are satchels, haversacks and bigger the better.

Polka dot bring with it the fresh hint of colour and youth. Normal polka dots happen in traditional black and white. Other unique combinations can be in blue-white/pink-blue/white-pink/purple-black.

Beach wears come in polka two pieces in striking colours. Fluorescent hues have brighter shades. Team polka dot dresses as tunics and plain colour leggings. Go for strappy sandals or flat sandals. Definitely polka dots are summer casuals. Silks and satin shirts as inners can be deemed a polka dotted inners under black coats.

Accessorise also come in polka dots. It will be a nice idea to go for a plain garment say in white or yellow and accessorize with polka dots. Hair clips, friendship bands, sandals all come in polka dots. In case you stitch a garment then keep a few inches separate to sew up a bandana or handkerchief.

Corsets, headbands, inner wear and frocks come in polka dots. Go for a full sleeved tiny polka dot in pink or lime green and wear a spaghetti criss cross patterns over it. Looks great over leggings or stretch pants. Polka dots look best in synthetics like rayon, lycra and polyester rather than cotton.

Camisoles also come in polka dot. Choose tiny dots in inner wear and wear it with a contrast overall or spaghetti T shirt. If you are holidaying, remember to include polka spots in tiny patterns as inners, tank tops and camisoles. Colours can be refreshing in tomato red, deep purple and the classic black and white. Use gentle contrasting or matching lace trims.

Another must have is a tube or balloon dress in polka dot. The size of the polka dot must be a personal option. Ideally if you are plus size then inner shirts and tanks are a better preference. Huge polka dots add volume which is a boon for frail frames and adds bulk to heavier people. For a shocking statement go for a flare skirt with real huge polka dots and a plain frilly top. Polka dots are all time fashions and a sure thing in a teenage wardrobe.

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