Plus Size Teenage Dresses

Size does not matter, attitude sure does! Make statements in fashion in living in your best outfit. If there is a upcoming event in your family and you need to look really pretty stop worrying about the tyre around your stomach. Work well on toning yourself but more so find a good stylist. Crash dieting will make you look haggard and plays havoc on the skin and hair.

Highlight your best features. If you are blessed with lovely brown or black hair, do not colour it. If your skin tone is brown, then choose autumn tones and beige hints. Learn a little about styling. Pear shapes and rotund bodies need not grieve, highlight that pout or artistic eyebrows. Draw attention from flabby arms, thick calves and bags under the eyes instead of hiding them.

Ideally take opinions from an expert or your best friend. Carry your shoes along for a complete trial. If you are blessed with a tall frame, then it is easy to make adjustments. Go for vertical beige and coffee suit piece. Keep the fabric lightweight so that it does not add bulk. Tones like red and deep pinks add volume. Suit the fabric instead and retain your favourite colour. Avoid polka dots, flower prints and broad stripes.

Black is a trick used by all women. Black has a slimming effect. Use some sequins, a rocky encrust on the footwear, wear faux pas solitaires and dazzle along with the million dollar smile. Use combinations in black and red, black borders and cuff lengths. Go for full sleeves for formal occasions. Prom wear is found in all sizes. Choose the pattern and take suggestions from the designer. If it is a ready pick then alter accordingly.

Life is not full of compromises in dresses for the heavily endowed. Adjust accordingly and use your natural grace. Wide necks and V necks cut the bulk on shoulders. Noodle and spaghetti straps cleverly used can do wonders to get a slimming effect.

Use satin and clingy fabrics in silks and crepe. General notion is to tent oneself to hide the bulk but this further creates a clumsy awkwardness and kills the confidence. Use well cut A lines, if you are choosing a striking red or purple cut the shocking effect using a short length. Embellish. More creative stints lie in the Asian drape – sari.

Most stores have customer friendly staff and they will be glad to assist you. Make your choice clear, disclose the event and indicate your size. Choose the Best!

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