Party Wear For Teenage Dresses

Weekend parties, graduation celebrations, birthdays and first salary thrills surround the life of a teenager. Dressing appropriately is the trick. Carefree casual styles for weekend get togethers. Formal styles for proms and summer job meetings bear classic connotations.

Dresses are predicted by leading fashion pundits. The mantra means to maintain a style and also try something unusual. Teenage is that time of your life which allows much exploration of apparels and other select decisions. Dresses are available in leading stores or it is good idea to cut pictures in fashion magazines and get it stitched. Whatever the style dictated understand your own style and avoid mimicking anyone.

A simple black dress is a common wardrobe garment of all age groups. Georgette is in fashion with shocking effects of red and bottle green. Accessories are more in vogue. They remain carry bags or clutches. Roomy ones are more of luggage wears and not in style.

Get a good hang on make up issues. Hair styles of late are mere ponies and straight hair is not much in fashion. Hair tints are shades in brown. Go for cowled necks, and one arm cowl, do not use any necklaces around your neck, accentuate your neckline and long neck. Hair done up automatically adds definition to the jaw line and length of the neck.

Beach parties allow lot of fruity spring tones in flare skirts and front tie knots. Choose denim shorts and casual Tee’s for beach games. If it is a graduation party, go for tones in sky blue, browns and also powder pink. Go for plain fabrics and charm the outfit with embellishments.

Gowns are available in all sizes. Dark tones cut flab and browns are not dull. Go for the entire look and practice your walk. A simple knee length frock in vertical stripes adds to your height and opt for a open hair look.. Frocks with A-line and Empire lines with broad shoulder and waist bands are in style. Go for contrast border work.

Embellish with huge buttons and bows. Try something unusual be it a zipper or a pocket stitch. Go for a simple designer shirt with formal pants. With a little charm and right fit heads will surely to turn in your direction.

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