Mask To Pull Out Blackheads

Blackheads are not a disease and can be controlled. Most of us might face a problem with blackheads and we don’t know still how to deal with them, much less do we know what they are. Overactive sebaceous glands, those which produce oil in our body, cause blackheads. Owing to excess secretion from these glands, the pores of the skin get hardened and then collection of oil in these pores turns into a plug. A mask to pull out blackheads can be made at home to treat this problem.

Home Remedies Do Help

An almond or oatmeal mask to pull out blackheads can work wonders for you. Mix a powder of oatmeal or almonds with rosewater and gently apply on the skin with fingertips concentrating on the problem areas. Leave it on for 15 minutes and after it has dried up rinse it with cold water. Even warmed honey can act as a mask to pull out blackheads. You have to simply pat it on the troubled areas and wash it off after 15 minutes.

A mask to pull out blackheads can also be made from a mixture of one tablespoon of boric powder and one and a half cup of hot water. Soak a face napkin in this hot concoction and pat it on the affected area twice. After that, use a blackhead remover to squeeze out the blackheads and then pat on some astringent on the area.

Seek a Skilled Person for Treatment

Undiluted lemon juice applied on the affected area can also be a good mask for the removal of blackheads. However, if home remedies taken up by you don’t give the desired result, a qualified Noosa beautician should be sought to treat the problem.

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