Five Must Have Shoes For Women

Whether it is a wedding, a promo party or simply a get-together, women want to look their best on every occasion. They want to make sure that their party dress and their shoes perfectly compliment their entire look. Shoes for special ocasions should compliment an outfit as well as handbags and other accessories.

As fashion trends are always changing, the pair of shoes you may have bought yesterday may not be in trend tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to have a classic pair of shoes, or a few, that can help you be ready to attend any given occasion. Here are five must have shoes for women that will never let you down and will always compliment your attire:

  1. Ballet Flats: The first must have shoes are flats. You should have flats in nude, bright and black color and printed style. Flats are just perfect for any casual occasion. Whenever, you are in the mood to look casual and need a comfortable pair of shoes, just take one pair from your closet. They are best for work, weekend, travel, casual and play.
  2. Pumps: They go well with casual wear and business attire. They are comfortable as well as stylish, lending you a charming look. Choose neutral colors to go with anything.
  3. Ankle Boots: If you want to have a dramatic, then wear these high heel ankle boots. They are perfect for night parties and as well as office dresses. They look professional as well as stylish and if you match them with a knee-length skirt, they just create a wow factor.
  4. Kitten Heels: You may have seen royal ladies wearing these sophisticated shoes that speak volumes about the choice and style of the ladies. Owning a pair of kitten shoes will allow you to look stylish even if you make fewer efforts to get ready for an event. They are neither too high or too low, thus give you a comfortable walk experience as well as let your feet feel comfortable. They look very feminine and complement a one-piece dress very well. There are many choices for kitten heels in the market and you may find one appropriate for your personality.
  5. Stilletos: The most favoured shoes style for women. They not only make your legs look longer but also lend you a stylish and sexy look. They look stylish as well as trendy for a big shoe party. Whether you want to attend a party or want to head toward a pub, they are perfect to compliment your fashionable looks and dress.

For special occasions, women need special occasion shoes. Hence, above-mentioned shoes make you confident you’ll have every kind of shoes you may need for any given special occasion. If you own these five types shoes, then you own the world. The reason being that these shoes can be matched for different types of events, gatherings and occasions, allowing you to look your best.


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