Fashion Week: World’s 10 Most Stylish Hotels

One of the fastest growing industries today is that of fashion. During the fashion week, thousands of people congregate in the venue just to see the best designs. Hotels enjoy booming business during this time and below is a list of the world’s ten most stylish hotels.

1. Ace hotel

This hotel is located in New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Once fashion week starts, it has vintage that is unconventional and the design of the hotels attracts many a model, designer and photographer. Regular people that are just interested in fashion find it an ideal place to stay.

2. Maison Moschino Milan

When one is looking for a luxury hotel that is simplistic to stay it, this is the hotel to make a reservation. It has 65 rooms and the haute-couture designs make the guests who book it during the fashion week remain in the fashion week. It has great light fixtures that make relaxation easy.

Hotel Plaza AtheneeParis cannot fail to appear on this list as it is also considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. This hotels is located in the world famous Avenue Mantaigne and has the best of Parisian art décor. It gives the guests a great view of Paris’ most famous icon, the Eiffel Tower. Its location also gives guest access to luxury shopping making it a great place to stay during the fashion week.

4. The St. Regis

This is another New York hotel and its opulence is what attracts many a guest. It has Tiffany and Dior suites that have a similar design of the designers who go by those names and hence keep the guests in the fashion week mood. Once a suite reservation is made, the guest gets champagne, twenty four hour butler service and access to shop in the designer’s showrooms.

5. The Breakers

One of the most amazing things about this hotel is that it has a beach front. It has a famous Imperial Designer Suite that is one bed-roomed, has a living room that is private and 5 balconies that give a view of the Mediterranean.


6. The Mileston Hotel

This hotel has received as being one of the bets in London. It has twenty four hour butler services, has rooms that have been elegantly designed and decorated and serves the best English and international cuisines. Making a reservation is as easy as getting a driving licence UK.

7. Schlosshotel IM Grunewald

Located in Berlin, the designer known for Chanel and fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, worked together with the people renovating this hotel. The most amazing thing about the hotel is the bathrooms in the Lagerfeld’s Grunewald Suite that are fully marbled making them romantic, the oversized in the bedroom and the view of the hotel’s gardens.

8. Palazzo Versace

Like the name suggests, this hotel has a design that speaks boldly of Gianni Versace. It has some of the best ornate mosaics, brightly colored rooms, Italian floors and ceilings decorated with gold designs.

9. Armani Hotel Dubai

This hotel is housed by the Burj Khalifa tower and as the name suggests, it was designed by one Giorgio Armani. It has 160 luxury rooms in addition to suites. As expected with Armani, the entrances are circular, has private dining sections, great powder rooms and gives amazing views if the Arabian Gulf.

10. Claridge’s

This is another fashion hotel located in London. Diane von Furstenberg designed it and the most famous things about it are the Grand Piano Suite. The suite speaks of the designers show the beauty of magenta and gold and luxury furniture. Custom designed bathrobes also speak of the hotels luxury.

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