Fashion Fads Leading to Health Problems

Numerous fashion fads can lead to health problems in plenty of women across the country. Since the European Health Insurance Card has replaced the e111 insurance, you can still get affordable insurance for any issues that may arise. It is best to avoid these issues altogether, no matter how fashionable you may seem in today’s world.


· Everyone wants to be skinny and weigh the least amount possible to look their best for everyone season, especially summer when the beaches are filled with people. Unfortunately this can have negative effects on your health overall. Being too skinny can cause issues with your body.

· Heart disease and diabetes were thought to be problems of the overweight, but in fact that can affect those who are too skinny as well. Thin people may skip the gym or overeat due to already being intensely skinny naturally.

· Being too skinny can cause a lower immune system. The body needs fuel and when you are striving to reach a good figure, you may not be taking in enough of that fuel for what your body needs to fight off.


Tight Clothing:

· Tight clothes, like skinny jeans, have become all the rage in recent years. Everyone is wearing them to look thinner and show off more figure. However, these skintight clothing options can have negative effects on your body, both internally and externally.

· Yeast infections and nerve impairments are two of the major issues with skinny clothing. The tight clothes clench the pelvic muscles and cause issues within.

High Heels:

· High heels are ubiquitous for causing problems, but those issues may not simply be seen around the foot area. No, high heels can cause more damage, such as to the lower back.

· Wearing high heels while the body is still growing and adapting to its new form can be detrimental. This can cause a shortening of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

· Wearing them too long can bring about issues such as Morton’s Neuroma, toe deformities, and sprains, which are never fun to deal with or walk around on.



· Earrings have been popular forever, none can attest to that. However, the damages that can be caused be wearing earrings are very real.

· Wearing over sized earrings can tear through the ear lobe entirely. The tearing is irreversible, except with the use of costly cosmetic surgery.

· Heavy handbags can be a problem, yet many women tend to carry these over sized luggage carriers. Bad posture, stiffening of the neck, muscular tension, and severe headaches all come about due to massive handbags being lugged around.


The price of high fashion can be a problematic one. With numerous ailments being reported from wearing plenty of items that are in style nowadays. Tight jeans, handbags, and oversized earrings can all have negative effects on a woman’s body. Be careful of what you wear and for how long you tend to wear the fashion statement. It could cause more issues than it is worth in the long run.

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