Fancy Dress Party Costume Ideas: Go for the Fashion of 50’s

Few things come with such a solemn promise of unadulterated fun as a fancy dress party. You need to get in touch with the child in you for one night and let yourself be whoever you want to be. What’s not to like? However, the amazing night out will have to be preceded by a trip to the market to find out that perfect costume for yourself. Now that can be a hectic job. Costume hunting takes a lot of time, frustration sets in as nothing seems to match the vision in your head and then you have to dole out a hefty sum in payment. Still, to die-hard part goers, it’s all in a day’s job. The real challenge is to be innovative and fun. Well, here is one idea that never fails – the 1950s. You can argue it’s not really original, but then, it never fails to impress either.

Rock On

The 1950s was an important period in the history of fashion for the introduction of the rock and roll style of dressing. Particularly, the free flowing dress gown with polka dots was a scream with the ladies and became a symbol of the decade. Put on a jacket to match, preferably with a poodle motif, and you are all set to be the 50s icon. Also do not forget to accessorize. In fact, the perfect 50s fancy dress ensemble is quite incomplete without a rock n roll pair of shades, bobby socks and a pair of saddle shoes if you can manage to get your hands on one.

Messy Nessy Chic

Girls can go for some fun going for the rebel look. Imagine yourself in tight fitting leather pants, tousled hair and too much lipstick. You should have no problem getting this correct if you are a Grease fan. Remember Sandy? That’s the look you are going for. If you are not comfortable being quite that evil, you could opt for a tight skirt and pair with up with an edgy jacket.

Miss Goody Two-Shoes

It is fairly easy to achieve the look of a nice girl in the 50s as well. Just put on a twinset and the iconic long-length poodle skirt. Tie your hair back to make a tight pony tail. And don’t forget to pop in that bubble gum.

The 50’s Dandy

Men were in no way lagging behind in making iconic fashion statements in the 50s. If you are going with a plus one, try to match up her poodle costume by dressing up as the quintessential mid twentieth century Teddy boy. Check a bright teddy jacket to match your trousers. Pocket covers, check. All you need now is a pair of cuffs and you are set in make an entry that cannot fail to grab eyes.

Mama’s Boy

Your costume will of course depend on the persona you are looking to portray. For example, if you are going to be the good boy, you ought to find yourself a letterman sweater. A pair of chinos is an absolute must. Style your hair properly to complete the look. A crew cut or just plain neatly combed hair should do the trick. Pay attention to the way you behave. Throw in phrases like “peachy keen” every other sentence and be on your best social behavior.

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