Buying Trade Blankets

Trade blankets and Native American jackets fashioned by Pendleton are crafted from high quality wool. This makes all their jackets, blankets, wraps, etc. particularly warm and cozy. The fabric also holds its dye well, which allows for vibrant colors.

Not only are Pendleton vests and trade blankets cozy, but their workmanship is of superb quality. Their blankets, vests, jackets, etc. are all quite warm, which makes them very useful in chilly climates. If you tend to spend time outside in the colder months, you won’t regret investing in an item from Pendleton.

Pendleton is well known in the trade blankets business, which lends them a certain cache. Those who pay attention to jackets and wraps know the name Pendleton, and recognize its reputation for excellence. The company works hard to maintain the beauty and detail of authentic Native American art in all its textiles.

You want to buy blankets, jackets, and wraps from a company you can trust. No vendor has a better reputation than Pendleton for selling quality Native American-inspired items. They appreciate the rich heritage of the Native American culture, and strive to do it justice in its products.

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